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        Service concept
        In order to make the world brighter, to make the earth cleaner, we will spare no effort to promote the "green", "energy saving" products , self-control superlq and service sincerely.

        Service Pledge
        For dealers, the company will organize a professional product manager, service manager or regional manager to visit the customers, understand the situation and solve the problem.
        For consumers, according to Consumer Protection Law of People's Republic of China, for products which have quality issues ,we promise all 100 percent quality claim indemnity, you only need to a valid purchase voucher, together with a quality-issued product to the original purchase shops to exchange.

        Service Network
        Currently, we have established a number of ARROW energy saving lives and as this to radiate thousands of distributors in the countrywide, making good service around in your side, providing you the best energy-efficient lighting proposal and satisfactory after-sale service.

        Service Hotline
        Customer Service Hotline: 400 100 0250
        Any question raised by customers, our service person will fedback to you and put into practice within 24 hours .

        Service Complaints
        Customer complaints mailbox: arrow@ourhg.com
        We continue to improve and enhance our own management, you cogency advice is valuable wealth and source of power to us.
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        HUBEI HANGUANG PHOTOELECTRIC CO.,LTD. High-Tech Zone Hubei Xiaogan.PRC
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